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Rozanne Stevens

Wholefood Chef and Cookery Tutor


South African born chef and food writer, Rozanne Stevens, moved to Ireland in 1999. Having studied law in South Africa and  training with The Cape Wine Academy as a food and wine lecturer, Rozanne has had the privilege of training and studying with some of the best chefs and experts in the food and health industry. Rozanne marries her love of travel and global cuisine with healthy, vibrant cooking, catering for a wide variety of taste and special dietary needs. She spends half of her time as a broadcaster and food journalist, and the other half teaching cooking and healthy eating. Her passion is communicating the story of the people behind the food on your plate, the culture, provenance, nutrition, sustainably, good food practices and passion. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, Rozanne is a spokesperson for mental health reform and lifestyle support.



Rozanne is best known for her five year foodie slot on Today with Pat Kenny, RTE Radio 1. Working under Pat Kenny, such a well respected and established broadcaster really gave Rozanne gravitas and credibility as a broadcaster. Since Pat has moved to Newstalk, Rozanne has appeared on the show as guest. She has also worked with Marian Finucane, Tom McGurk, Derek Davis, Matt Cooper and Myles Dungan.

Rozanne is currently doing a seven part series for the newly revamped Ireland AM starting on 7 October. The series is entitled Rozanne’s Ish Factor Food  and will cover topical and seasonal themes with Rozanne’s own unique twist.


Food and Health Journalism

Rozanne has written a weekly nutrition based food column for the Irish Independent for the last five years. Covering a huge range of topics from seasonal superfoods to local artisan food producers, farm to fork, tide to table, sustainable fishing, reducing food waste and the influence of diet on various conditions such as asthma, eczema, acne, food allergies and many more topics. Recently, she has been promoted to features journalist writing a series of pieces on infant nutrition, diet and premature ageing and good mood foods.

With her speciality in healthy cooking, Rozanne has contributed to the Sunday Business Post, Image Magazine, The Evening Herald, Food and Wine Magazine, The RTE Guide and The Sunday Times.

She also writes nutrition based newsletters and blogs for clients ranging from dieticians to food brands.


Delish Publishing and The Ish Factor 

Delish Publishing was founded in 2011 as a multi-platform media company to create and market online and print content for corporate clients and traditional media channels. Content creation focuses primarily on food and lifestyle with innovative, unique recipes, beautifully styled images and TV quality cookery videos. As a food and lifestyle journalist, Rozanne also writes specialised blogs and articles for clients on a vast range of food and health related topics.


Ish Series Cookbooks

Rozanne launched her brand The Ish Factor with the publication of her first cookbook Delish in 2011. Delish is a collection of favourite recipes from her radio slot and cookery classes. The Ish Factor is the umbrella brand that encompasses all Rozanne’s recipes, books, gourmet products and cookery classes. Rozanne draws inspiration from cultures and cuisines from around the world, then with a few key authentic ingredients, gives good local produce The Ish Factor: a salutation to the cuisine without slavishly recreating the traditional dish. This is a modern, contemporary way of cooking, which allows readers to create exciting recipes without spending a fortune on a whole pantry of new ingredients. So welcome to Mexicanish, Thaiish, South Africanish, Chineseish, Indianish, and many more chapters and cuisines.

Rozanne’s newly launched book, Relish BBQ and Al Fresco Food, is the second book in The Ish Factor Series and raises the bar with more recipes, a photo for each recipe and a cocktail and cooler for each chapter. A huge variety of recipes with each chapter covering meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian recipes. There are also sensational salads, one of Rozanne’s signature areas of expertise, tasty sides and delectable desserts. Drawing from 10 different world cuisines, Relish, is the go to book for al fresco entertaining, with every possible taste catered for. The combination of fun al fresco food, the best cocktails and coolers and the stylish design, will make your Relish BBQ’s with friends and families times to relish and remember.


Recipe Development, Food Styling and Food Photography

Rozanne specialises in recipe development for clients that showcases their products and makes them the star. With a background in global cuisine, she create recipes that are easy to follow but that have an interesting Ish Factor  twist. She has vast experience in wholefood, healthy and special dietary needs cooking, so no challenge is too big.

To illustrate the recipes, Rozanne creates and styles food photographs of the highest quality. Having produced two beautifully styled and photographed cookbooks, Rozanne has a very creative approach to food styling and food photography and can create a  range of lifestyle settings.

Clients include: Miele, Glenisk Organic Dairy, Glanbia, Total Produce, Epicure, The Nutrition and Health Foundation.


Cookery Videos

Over the last five years Rozanne has created tailor made cookery videos for clients. As you look through Rozanne’s collection of videos, you will see how she has evolved as a presenter and the quality and format of the videos has improved exponentially. This comes from practice, practice, practice and finding the right production company to work with. She strives to stay ahead of the curve and produce top quality videos for clients to use on websites, social media and apps.

Clients include: Total Produce, Glenisk, Calor Gas

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Bespoke Corporate Demo or Hands On Cookery Classes for Teambuilding and Product Training

As a trained food and wine lecturer, Rozanne is well used to presenting cookery demonstrations and classes teaching a range of abilities from the eager to beginner to the aspiring chef.  As a head tutor in Cooks Academy for five years, she had the wonderful experience of teaching a huge number of demonstration and hands on cookery classes. Themes include seafood, Italian, sushi, Thai, classic French, Healthy Eating and many more.

Rozanne offers classes open to the general public that can be booked on the website, or you can book a bespoke class for work colleagues or friends. Choose from a comprehensive menu and tailor make your day.


Private Cookery and Catering and Cookbook Clubs

Private cookery lessons in your own kitchen using familiar appliances are a very popular option. You select exactly what you want to cover. Popular choices are a day spent learning and cooking Winter Warmer recipes and then freezing them. Another option is to spend the day learning and cooking then hosting a dinner party for friends that night, what a great showcase for all your efforts.

Rozanne also teaches regular monthly private lessons for cookbook clubs, which can be demonstration with a little hands on, then everyone sits down to enjoy the meal. A lovely way to socialise with friends and people do make the recipes themselves at home, it’s not just about the wine!


Green Living Wholefood Cooking and Waste Less

Nicknamed the ‘Designer Hippie’ , Rozanne specialises in vibrant  wholefood, vegetarian and vegan cooking. Combine this with a background in global cuisine, and you get delicious, interesting recipes that are wholesome and widely appealing. Green Living is an intensive nutrition based weekend course that anyone can book. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to attend, just have an interest in healthy cooking. The course is very popular with nutritionists and nutrition students as it covers a vast variety of ingredients with well tested, tasty recipes to give you clients. Hand in hand with the recipes and nutrition, goes environmental consciousness. So the course does look as sustainability and wasting less. Some of the fabulous foods covered are beans, lentils, pulses, whole grains such as quinoa and buckwheat, seaweeds, superfoods, raw foods, sprouting nuts and seeds, raw cacao, gluten free, dairy free, natural sweeteners, herbal tisanes.


Kitchen Detox

The much friendlier version of Gillian McKeith in your home. This is an in home visit where Rozanne seeks to help you make healthier food choices for you and your family, create a menu plan and shopping lists and put systems in place to make food shopping and preparation more time and cost effective. The idea is to empower you to make better choices while still having your treats, but to bring organisation into meal planning. This will reduce food waste, improve your health and free up some time to spend doing other things that are important to you. Suitable for singles, couples and families, the complete novice or accomplished cook.



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