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Delish Publishing

Delish Publishing was established in 2011 and has published two books to date, with a further 5 books planned. Rozanne launched her brand The Ish Factor with the publication of her first cookbook Delish in 2011. Delish is a collection of favourite recipes from her radio slot and cookery classes. The Ish Factor is the umbrella brand that encompasses all Rozanne’s recipes, books, gourmet products and cookery classes. Rozanne draws inspiration from cultures and cuisines from around the world, then with a few key authentic ingredients, gives good local produce The Ish Factor: a salutation to the cuisine without slavishly recreating the traditional dish. This is a modern, contemporary way of cooking, which allows readers to create exciting recipes without spending a fortune on a whole pantry of new ingredients. So welcome to Mexicanish, Thaiish, South Africanish, Chineseish, Indianish, and many more chapters and cuisines.

relish book front cover
Relish BBQ Cookbook

South African born cookery tutor and broadcaster, Rozanne Stevens, became known for her foodie slot on Rté Radio 1, Today With Pat Kenny. Her distinctive voice has been winging it’s way across our airwaves for the past five years. Rozanne also writes a weekly nutrition based food column for the Irish Independent. A food and wine lecturer with a particular interest in healthy, vibrant food. Over the last 12 years, Rozanne has taught thousands of students, ranging from the keen amateur to aspiring professional chefs.
Rozanne’s newly launched book, Relish BBQ and Al Fresco Food, is the second book in The Ish Factor Series and raises the bar with 20 more recipes, a photo for each recipe and a cocktail and cooler for each chapter. A huge variety of recipes with each chapter covering meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian recipes. There are also sensational salads, one of Rozanne’s signature areas of expertise, tasty sides and delectable desserts. Drawing from 10 different world cuisines, Relish, is the go to book for al fresco entertaining, with every possible taste catered for. Use good quality local ingredients and add the Ish Factor with a few exotic, authentic ingredients. This gives you a salutation to an exotic cuisine without having to restock your entire pantry. Chapters include South Africanish, Irish, Thaish, Indianish, Italianish, Mozambiquish, Chineseish, Mexicanish, Greekish, Americanish.
The combination of fun al fresco food, the best cocktails and coolers and the stylish design, will make your Relish BBQ’s with friends and family times to relish and remember.

€22.50 (including postage to anywhere in Ireland)

Delish – Bringing the Ish Factor to World Cuisine

Delish Cookbook

You may know Rozanne’s distinctive voice from her longstanding foodie slot on Today With Pat Kenny. Perhaps you follow her weekly column in the Health and Living Supplement of The Independent. Or you could be one of the many students that Rozanne has taught in her cookery school. If so, you will know that Rozanne likes good wholesome ingredients used with flair and some inspiration from world cuisine, the Rozanne ish factor.
So now we bring you Delish, a compilation of Rozanne’s most popular recipes with 10 world cuisines given the ish factor. Take fresh produce, add a few authentic ingredients for the ish factor, and you have recipes that are a nod and a wink to a cuisine without having to restock your entire pantry. Saying that, there is a section on Pantry Pals, Fresh Friends and Freezer Treasures. Concise lists of multi purpose ingredients that will give an ordinary meal the ish factor.
A diverse selection of healthy salad, seafood, lamb, beef, vegetarian and wholefood recipes. With a few decadent desserts thrown in! Many family friendly recipes and great food to entertain friends with, or that special someone.
When you’re at your wits end, and don’t know what to cook, you will find inspiration in Delish….

€19.50 (including postage to anywhere in Ireland)

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